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Welcome to Quality 990

The Quality 990 ( website encompasses a number of projects and activities to improve the quality of IRS Form 990 reporting by nonprofit organizations.

Efile with the IRS today!
Efiling through the NCCS 990 Online system now available.


Why is Quality 990 Important?

  • Compliance—Filing an accurate and complete Form 990 with the IRS and state charity officials is the law.

  • Public Accountability—With the new IRS regulations, anyone can request a copy of any nonprofit organization's Form 990. forex in pakistan

  • Public Relations—The Internet is making the Form 990 more widely available than ever before.

  • Primary Source of Data—Form 990 is the most commonly used data source about nonprofit organizations

  • Policy Making—Accurate Form 990 data will help policy makers develop the most effective ways of helping the sector, and allow nonprofits to better defend themselves against ill-advised legislative initiatives.

Achieving Quality 990 Reporting

Nonprofit leaders have created projects and partnerships to help organizations meet these challenges of accountability and quality reporting.

  • bitcoin trading in pakistan Nonprofit Accountability Collaboratives: 990-NACs—990-NACs are forums to bring together the people and organizations involved with Form 990: nonprofits who file it, accountants who prepare it, regulators who monitor it, and the public who trusts the nonprofit sector. Working together, 990-NAC participants can guide the nonprofit sector to high standards of accountability.

  • 990-NAC Tool Kit—For information on suggested activities and resources to start a 990-NAC in your area, download the 990-NAC Tool Kit. Netflix shares

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