Which Brands Do Offer Eco-Friendly Faucets?

Which Brands Do Offer Eco-Friendly Faucets?

There is a growing concern to protect the environment by safeguarding and enhancing the natural resources that are getting depleted at a rather fast pace. In line with this, there has been emphasis on the need to live green by using eco-friendly products; products whose manufacture and consequent use does not lead to the over-exploitation of the environment.

Most people have been wondering about which brands do offer eco-friendly faucets in a bid to live a green and more sustainable lifestyle. Brands and designers across the globe have been in the forefront in creating products using recycled materials. In addition to this, electronics companies have embraced new and innovative techniques to lower their carbon footprint.

Here are some of the leading brands that offer eco-friendly faucets:


Which Brands Do Offer Eco-Friendly FaucetsLife’s Good (LG) is a giant brand that mostly deals with household electronics and systems. The brand has a string of water and energy efficient faucets particularly for use in bathrooms and kitchens. From sleek and modern showerheads with ultra-unique designs to bathroom heaters, the brand has automated faucets that are able to switch on/off automatically without any manual input. For instance, the eco-friendly showerhead and heater from LG saves up to 30% of power and water without compromising its efficiency.


Even though it is a lesser known brand as compared to LG, it also has a variety of eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom faucets. These eco-performance faucets come in handy in the bathroom and kitchen especially because they are made using durable materials and have added features like automatic temperature variation. For example, when using a eco showerhead, you just need to set your preferred pressure and temperature limits. The showerhead will turn itself on/off when it reaches these limits.  The highly rated Moen 5995SRS faucet is a good example of a faucet made from long lasting material and innovative technique is used to have it last longer than your normal faucet.

Moen 5995SRS

MGS Faucets

MGS Faucets is a very popular brand as far as eco-friendly faucets and related products are concerned. The brand is specifically known for using eco-friendly steel in all its products. One of the most unique aspects about this brand is that its shower faucets use hand-shower functionality. This functionality allows the user to direct water to where it is needed thereby reducing water wastage as well as the time spent showering. This incredible low-flow and beautifully made showerhead is a proof that you can live green without sacrificing premium style and luxury.


Which Brands Do Offer Eco-Friendly FaucetsNeptune is a brand that prides itself in championing sustainable manufacturing processes. Its efforts towards creating a green and well-nurtured environment have earned it the EcoResponsible company badge. The brand upholds eco-friendly practices right from its manufacturing stages, product design to recycling materials and in its overall business practices. Right to the smallest details, Neptune invests heavily in ensuring that all its eco-friendly products are sustainable and durable. This allows the users to effortlessly enjoy using these products while at the same time saving on their water and power consumption.

When shopping for eco-friendly faucets, it is only right to ensure that you get the right product. This is a product that is not only affordable in purchasing and maintenance but is also in line with taking care of the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care and nurture natural resources for the sake of future generations.

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