Top 3 Water Softeners for Your Home Needs

Top 3 Water Softeners for Your Home Needs

Hard water is simply water with a very high mineral content mainly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate compared to soft water.

Effects of hard water

Hard water has many disadvantages both in the home and industrial setting. They include;

  • Makes laundry difficult as soap does not lather easily making formation of foam hard, hence more use of detergent and soap.
  • Forms lime scale in water heaters as kettles affecting the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Hard water also stains cloths especially white ones.
  • At the industrial level hard water can cause serious damages to appliances that use water such as boilers and cooling towers and it very costly to repair.

How to soften your hard water?

Top 3 Water Softeners for Your Home NeedsWith so many disadvantages of hard water measures have been taken to soften hard water. This basically done by removal of the minerals that cause hardness. There are several appliances that aid in the softening of hard water and different principles such as ion exchange, use of limestone, distillation, and reverse osmosis among others are used to get rid of the unwanted minerals. There are several water softeners available in the market the following top 3 water softeners are recommended.

1. Fleck structural

The highly rated water softener Fleck 5600SXT 48000 is a whole house system grin water softener that is available on amazon at a price of 580.9 dollars plus shipping charges. It uses the principal of ion exchange to soften the hard water. The valve has a 5 year warranty and has been tested to work for as long as 27 years. The fleck structural has features such as Polly glass tan and Brim tank wit safety float valve. This appliance will definitely ensure that your house plumbing is in good condition. Installation could take approximately 2 hours and it is good to go.

2. iSpring RCC7

This is an under sink water softener that uses the principle of reversed osmosis to soften hard water. It is found on amazon at 174.07 dollars with free shipping services. It works by squiring the water into a semipermeable membrane which is the most effective way of softening hard water. It is a very effective way of softening home water as it removes up to 99% of pollutants in water making it safe or drinking.

3. APEC Water system

Top 3 Water Softeners for Your Home NeedsThis is a USA built water filter that also uses the principle of reversed osmosis available on Amazon at 309.63 dollars with free shipping. As well as softening hard water it also removes bad odor from water. It is installed in kitchen sinks making it possible to drink tap water and use it on electrical appliances such as kettles without fear of damage caused by hard water.

Hard water is more available than hard water and with these top 3 recommended water softeners available in the market today we can easily use the water without too much headache. They are very effective and quite affordable considering the great deal of money saves by softening hard water. If hard water has been a bother to you try one of the three appliances for the best results.

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