Ways to Use Flatiron for Hairstyling

Ways to Use Flatiron for Hairstyling

It’s an established fact — nothing creates super sleek hair like a flat iron. It takes only a few minutes to create smooth and unruffled hair with a good hair straightener. However, the practicality of a flat iron does not end here — flat irons can be used to create many different hairstyles. However, while attempting any hairstyle with a flat iron, remember to always use a heat protection spray to protect the hair from getting damaged. Here are six different ways to use flat iron for hairstyling.

1. Beachy Waves

Ways to Use Flatiron for HairstylingDid you know that a flat iron can be used to create beautiful beachy waves? To create this hairstyle, take a couple of strands and twist and secure them at 180 degrees using a flat iron. Turn the heat to medium and press for about half a minute. Glide the straightener over the length of the strand while constantly twisting and pressing in opposite directions. Within minutes, your hair will be styled in beautiful beachy waves.

2. Create crimps

Crimping is one of those hairstyles that never go out of fashion. The good part is you can now crimp your hair using a hair straightener. One of the easiest ways to get perfect crimps is to start by tying blow-dried hair into plaits. Using a flat iron, press these plaits. To create flawless crimps, press a couple of times. Keep the heat at medium to keep your hair from getting damaged. Open the braids and use a hair spray to create long-lasting crimps.

3. Chalk your hair

Chalked hair are especially in vogue. While permanent colouring damages hair, temporary colours give you edge without destroying the quality of your hair. It is especially easy to create chalked hair with a flat iron. Buy a chalk and rub it over your hair. Next, use a flat iron to press the chalked hair. This will not only make the colour stand out, it will also make your hair look sleek and smart.

4. Create curls

Ways to Use Flatiron for HairstylingCurls give your hair volume and these can be moulded into any hairstyle. It is quite easy to create curls with a straightener. To create this hairstyle, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the flat iron. Let it stay wrapped for a few seconds. Move downward and taking sections from the strand, wrap them around the iron. This process can be used to create both partial and full curls.

5. Create Mermaid curls

Mermaid curls are quite similar to normal curls. However, these curls are more loose and bouncy. To create mermaid curls using a flat iron, take a strand of hair and wrap it around your flat iron. Repeat this process until you have curled all your hair. Next, use your fingers to run through the curls to loose them up. If you want to make your hair appear longer, curl only the ends and not the entire strands.

6. Create side swept hair

To create side-swept curls, divide your hair into two sections. Curl your hair by wrapping them around a flat iron. Complete curling on both sides. Next, secure these curled hair on one side using a bobby pin. Use a hair spray to set the style.

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